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New Badges!

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well thanks to 99 imperSSonator i got my new badges on today......i also detailed sick03ss truck ther other night so i got a pic of that. with his coming out so good..... it made me detail mine today! this is what i did to both mine and his

1- wash entire truck

2-clay it

3-ssr2.5, orange pad

4-ssr1, white pad

5- machine glaze

6- coat of natty's red paste wax

7- 2nd coats natty's red paste wax.....




the last pic is my buddys truck kinda redneck for around here but its a nice sierra hes doing over....DSCN0259.jpg






if any one in the mass area ever wants any help with a detail let me know! i usuaallly do about three to five a week!

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i kno ive thought about it.....but im getting a stock ss spioler for it from will! we traded cladding for that so wen i get it il repaint it and post up pics!


plus wen i drop my truck i wanna shave my gate and get a linex and take off my tonneau cover! im just not sure if i wanna spend the cash on a ISS rite now im rllllllllly wanten a 6.0l

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thanks man,,,,,,ive been argued with in the past wen i had ss badges....i forget who but someone on here laid into me about how clones suck anyways but with badges they suck even more....i know sumone will fill in for him lol!



Thats half the site, trust me, I know.

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Looks good. I get frustrated when i see SS badges on non SS's but most of those are not even close to an SS. Here in Tucson i see a million 99-02 body style chevys running around with SS badges and I want to take some floss and rip them off. I even see GMC's and Tahoe's and suburbans with them on. I saw an equinox the other day with SS badges. :banghead:


But you truck on the other hand has the SS bumpers, Grill and all the cladding and IMO it is perfectly fine to have those badges on, its more like the SS chevrolet should have made. Now all you need is a 6.0 swap and you will be set :D

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^^^^ thanks guys thats how i feel also i only got badges kus i hav cladding....if i didnt have cladding i wouldnt get badges..... and the 6.0 is next on the list im jsut not rushing any of these pos motors im finding i wanna get a nice one i just gotta find it! but i did get my drop finallized today....2-4 is on in a few weeks.....i think it will look alot nicer with a little more drop!

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