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Transfer Case And Diffs

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Couple question. With the transfer case and diffs how often should I change the fluids? What kind of fluid should I use for each? And how much of each fluid would I need? any input would be great. Thanks Guys!! :cheers::chevy:

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I personally change mine every year. 75/90 Mobil 1 gear oil and Autotrac fluid in the T-case. The T-case will require 2 qts however I always buy 3 because I end up dumping half a quart down my arm.


Check the How-2 section for specifics (quantities, brands etc.) as there are some very good write-ups in there. :cheers:

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FWIW, what I personally do...


Transfer case - I change at the same time I change the transmission filter (20K-miles); differentials - I change mine every other transmission filter change (40K-miles). Transfer case, use either Dexron-III or GM AutoTrak fluid; differentials, use a synthetic 75W-90 GL5 gear lube.


Mr. P.

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