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Hi Fi Sound Connection Sub Box?

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Has anyone ever tried this sub box or heard of them? This looks like a pretty good deal if it is worth it. I Have soo much going on to try and build one myself, and this seems like a decent price. Does anyone have anything??




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no not worth it. most subs now have to be bridged or ran to 2 ohms aka pos neg pos neg connecting both subs to 1 termianl going to the amp unless u have a 2 channel. IMO after installing professionally for 6 years, i would either get a probox for 30 bucks more or get a custom box made for your subs.


oh and btw, most companies make those boxes out of 1/2 inch mdf wood rather than custom boxes with 3/4 inch. they dont last for crap, they are NEVER 100% sealed and they tend to have bad sound.

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Too late, I already ordered it. It is made from 5/8 MDF, and is warrantied. I have a 2ch amp, so this is what I need. I will let everyone know how the fit and sound is this weekend probably. I need 1 cf, and these are .95, so close enough.

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