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Finally Finally Finally!


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well a couple of u guys knew that i was looking into getting a house soon and very few knew that i had found one and started the escrow and all the rest of the FUN stuff that comes along with getting a home. well after about 2.5 months of waiting for escrow to close i finally got the keys today!!! i'm pretty exited right now but i dont think i had hit me quit yet. it's not much but it's al mine and considering i'm still kind of young(only 22) and this s something i did on my own i'm pretty damn happy right now...


wel it's a 2 bedroom 1 bath home with a formal living room dining room an den, 2 fireplaces 2 car garage and nice size yard. house was built in 1940 it's only about 1,500 sq ft and the lot is about 6,100 sq ft which isnt much but it'sonly me so i'm not gonn need too much more for a while.


well here are some pics...


when i got my keys:



front livingroom:






my longass bathroom:



den fireplace:



back patio:



driveway garage:



here's my album with a few more pics: http://s193.photobucket.com/albums/z72/Blkssncpt/my%20house/


i have a lot of work ahead of me but i cantwait to get started on it, i'm gettngsome money back to fix it up a bit but the paint and carpet and other stuff lik that i'll be doing. actually one of our members (chpspecial)is a contracter and will be doing the ther work on the house for me, yo Rey!!!time to get started man!!!


i also want to thank some of the SoCal members that gave me advise along the way and other words of encouragement. yo Chase i know ur looking into getting ur house too and i hope u see this and know that it's not that hard dude and ull get ur pad soon man, ur next!!!


well thnx for looking, and let me know wat u think..



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congratz cant wait till i am a home owner :)


u will be man i thought it would've been a long time before i got my own home but here i am now... just have faith in urself and u'll have ur own place faster then u think...


way to go rob. looks like it will be fun to work on. i love the flooring.




thnx Alan, yeah i know i have a lot of work ahead of myself but with this being my first home i'm crazy anxious to get started on it.!. yeah all the old style wood use inside the house was one of the thing that attracted me to it but it should a lot different after this weekend :D !!!



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I just bought a house in early may, I'm 21. Had to re do it and such also; definitely fun. Took me about a month, one bedroom left and dining room but at least I'm moved in!


Congratulations! remember to keep it fun and unique :)

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congrats man!!! I just bought a house back in April and let me tell you, once you start doing stuff to it you are in trouble, every day I am changing something. I am now working on the irrigation system that was a botched job from the beginning along with getting a load bearing wall looked at by a structure engineer so I can figure out how to open up my garage into a full 3 car. For basic stuff Doityourself.com is very helpful. Good luck with everything and have fun with it!!!

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