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Fierce Storm

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Well ... as the title reads. Last night I returned home from dinner with my Family. We were at my Aunt's house in Albany, NY ...


We watched the storm clouds build, heard the rumble of thunder and saw the flash of the lightning. The storm was bad, but the majority of it blew over with no major fuss. When we were coming home, there were tons of trees down. And a lot of storm damage.


So, when I got home at around 11pm, I had already heard that the power was out in my neighborhood. When I pulled up the driveway, I noticed that there was a huge tree branch on the hood of my Mistress ... I took off the branch and looked. No damage!!!! I was happy as can be, but I was still skeptical, due to there was no light (power out). I would have to wait till morning …


Well … Daylight came and this is what I awoke to … A huge dent in the roofline. This is where the branch must of come down and hit. It is right by the XM Antenna. It broke the seal on the antenna base, so with the Best of Luck that I have, my headliner is wet … What the F*ck.


Oh well … what are you going to do …


(BTW ... Sorry, but it's a crappy cell phone pic)

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Thanks Guys ...


Yeah ... It sucks ... But what are you going to do ...


And yes on the New XM Antenna ... Shave maybe, or at least the new Shark Fin that are on the newer models.


That sucks man! Does this mean you are not going to make it next weekend?


I will be there ... no worries ...

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