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I'm Stuck!

What should I do next?  

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  1. 1. What engine mod should I do next?

    • Headers
    • E-fans
    • MSD ign and wires

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Right now I have a Volant air intake, Spintech exhaust, bosh spark plugs (don't remember which ones, just whatever the best are from bosh), and a Wheatley tune. What should I do next....

Headers, E-fans, MSD, or something else??? Also future plans include turbo charging it.


I kinda want to go for the dynatech heads and cats, but are they worh every penny of the $1,600 they cost? or will a $500-$600 setup do you just fine? also I have heard that long tube are Illeagal in CA so I may just stuck to shorties.


as far as the E-fan, I will do that eventually, but Steve (Mr. P) is going to fab one for the 5.3 L chevys, and I think im going to wait for that to come out.


Let me know what ya'll think and what else I should do in the future to accommodate a turbo.

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Don't waste money on headers if you plan on a turbo one day.nelsonperformance.com and trickperformanceproducts.com both offer twin turbo kits.

MSD coils are worthless you will see no gains in performance and loose some reliability.


E-fans from MrP is a good one. A performance tune is another good one. Not trying to drum up business for nelson performance but they are going to have some thing new and interesting in the tune department soon.


Converter is also a good upgrade.


You will eventually need a better trans and better rear end.

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A performance tune is another good one.


He already has a tune from Charlie Wheatley, stated in his original post...


I voted e-fans as well, clutch fans are a PITA. I also agree that a TC and shift kit should have been on your list.....

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a decent set of headers - $400-600

decent set of efans & harness - $200-250..also check out performancetrucks.net for efans (there's a few efan setups for sale)

msd wires - $50-100

torque converter & tranny cooler $500-$1000..not including labor.


it really depends on how much you want to spend or what you can afford to spend money on. IMO



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I voted on headers for the power. E-fans and a 34" radiator conversion would be a nice swap though. Converter would be better than headers though.


I actually thought of that and have a phone number of a guy who has a 34" radiator. do you think that would help me a lot with cooling?

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I own trucks with both the 28 and the 34" radiator. The Tahoe has the 28" radiator and cools very well, but not compared to the truck with the 34" radiator. That truck can sit in traffic for quite a while and rarely breaks 180 degrees and when it does finally get hot enough to turn the fans on even in the 110+ degree weather here in Vegas it cools right back off to 172-174 without a problem.

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