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Camaro Detail

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Another weekend with Chase's 35th anniversary Camaro... daily driven and he gets dirty at work... I was expecting it to be bad when I got it and boy I wasn't disappointed. Should've gotten more after pics, but with it being 99* out in my garage I just wanted to get back in the house and take a shower. I was freakin' exhausted!!










Interior was the worst so thats what I'm most proud of turn around wise... spent about 50% of the time on the interior. Does Adams Leather & Interior Cleaner work? I dunno, you tell me :D




Only spot left on the seat back is the outer bolstering, that is actually a part where the rubbing from getting in and out has worn thru the colored layer of the leather and is deteriorated beyond saving.









Interior -

All plastic, leather, and vinyl cleaned with Adams Leather & Interior Cleaner at full strength

Dressed with Adams VRT and Leather Conditioner

Carpets Shampood with Adams Carpet Cleaner and Extractor

Headliner cleaned with Woolite 10:1 water mixture and MF cloth

Glass Cleaned with Adams Glass Cleaner + Glass Towel


Exterior -

Strip washed with new strip wash (in develpoment)

Wheels/Tires cleaned with APC in various concentrations + BHB

Clayed with Adams Blue Clay + Detail Spray

2 Passes Swirl & Haze Remover + Orange Swirl Killer pad (6000opm)

Spot treated heavy scratches with 4" focus pads on cordless drill

1 Pass Fine Machine Polish + White finishing pad (4000opm)

1 Pass Machine Superwax/Sealant + Gray pad (3000opm)

Brilliant Spray Glaze on glass, headlghts, tail lights, and wheel hoops

Invisible Undercarrige Spray on inner fenders

Tires dressed with VRT

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Are you using a PC?




good work dylan :cheers: what process did you use on the seats?


Just Adams Leather & Interior Cleaner at full strength and about a dozen terry cloth towels. Sprayed the cleaner on, let it soak, then wiped. Repeated about 5-6 times per area to get it completely clean. Great stuff for cleaning leather, plastic, or vinyl. http://www.adamspolishes.com/p-131-adams-l...or-cleaner.aspx


Once they were clean I treated them to a hand massage with a healthy dose of Adams Leather conditioner... no joke... try rubbing your seats down with conditioner and your bare hands. It helps to penetrate the surface deeper and makes the leather really soft again. Sounds weird but its true.


As always, if anyone is gonna place an order and needs a discount code shoot me a PM. :cheers:

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Very nice job, every time I see a detail done by you I am amazed at how you bring the surfaces back to life. I wish you had a twin out here on the east coast.

Looking mint D.




My paint could really use that excellent professional touch. :thumbs:



Dylan, maybe you need to do a detailing session like the tunning GTGs haha. :jester:

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