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Got To Love Nature


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Well, the other morning I had gotten up to work a detail. It was 06:00 Hrs and on my way down the hall to go get ready. I spot this unlikely pair hanging out together in my backyard.


It is a buck and a wild turkey ... So these two were wandering around my backyard for a little bit. Where ever the Buck went, the turkey was sure to follow ...


The buck has about an 8" tall, set of antlers already, with a "Y" at the tip. Decent setup for being only July ...


Sorry for the quality ... I had just woke up and the pics are through the screen.

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we've got a family of wild turkeys on my property recently... I dont know where they came from.


first time in almost 3 years ive seen turkeys here. they sound like a damn 747 jet when they land in the tree's!

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