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Are They Really Worth It?

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Just wondering if a throttle body spacer and mass air flow sensor are really worth buying, or if they really work? :confused:. I really dont want to waste the money i rather get some headers.

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i had a granatelli MAF sensor on my 2003 5.3L...couldnt really justify that it improved hp/tq, milage, etc. because i never got the truck dynoed before/after. some people say they work and some say they dont. without getting a dyno run in before and after the install theres not much way to tell. maybe if you incorporated it with a custom tune it might help somewhat :dunno: throttle body spacer on the other hand....doesnt help anything, just a waste of 50-100 bucks. and unless you have the stock fan and shroud on your truck with an aftermarket intake it will just make the tube hit the shroud and possibly even the fan. only thing that little piece of metal does it make a cool whistling sound under throttle.

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in one word or less... No


thread closed! no need for anybody to post in this thread anymore. i am going to get irritated when i start seeing this thread bumped over and over with the same answer that was given in the very first response. good job art! :cheers:

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