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Lookin To Upgrade Need Help!


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Well, you listed it all! My recommendation is to work from the back of the truck to the front -


1) Transmission shift kit & Vette servo

2) 2600-3000 RPM converter (our recommendation in stock trucks is the TCS-2800)

3) Volant CAI, along with "fender fill mod" to prevent CAI from breathing hot underhood air

4) 160-degree Thermostat

5) Headers (best = Stainless Works or American Racing, cheap but works = Pacesetter)

6) Corsa or dual Magnaflow catback

7) A PCM tune by a reputable tuner - whoever tunes your truck will literally 'make or break' the combo

8) Catchcan


So for $2500 that will get the truck down in the very, very low 14's if not 14-flat; the similar mods (except a 3200+ converter) to an '03 SSS here in Waco had that truck running 13.7's. You will most definitely be going fast enough to need drag radials with a 2WD truck. Don't forget to watch the classifieds for a lot of these parts to save some $$$.


What are your future plans with the truck, after the bolt-ons?


Mr. P. :)

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