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Is Vandalism Covered By Insurance


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No, nobody did anything to my truck. I was just curious if anyone knows if your truck was seriously damaged by someone on purpose would your insurance cover you? This might seem like a strange thing to ask but I know some insurance won't cover certain things like a tree falling on your car. So what about vandalism? Just wanted to get your thoughts on this. I'm sure there is someone on here who can answer this.

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brad's correct. homeowners will cover it if it happens in your driveway or on property, full coverage insurance will cover it under comp but only once, and it still will show up on your ins. if you decide to change, trust me been there already, do have to pay the deduct.

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you would need to make sure you have comprehensive coverage.....


in high school the car I drove wasnt worth too much but the stuff I had inside so I had it insured w/ comp. and liability, it doesnt need to have full coverage, all policies are different

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