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Need A Little Help In Deciding What To Buy

got vortec

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ok so im still torn between the sss and the tbss


my pickup i have now ive realized i dont use much of the bed except to throw shit in


couple questions ab the tbss


are they awd or only 2wd?


do they come with the 6.0 and the 4l65e? if not what do they come with?


any problems with the tbss's?


ive done my research about the sss and now ima going to look into the tbss


either way its going to b a ss :cheers:


thanx guys

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TBSS is good, but everyone should have a truck. Bad thing about the TBSS is you will want to mod it more than you would a truck. Still can't haul a fridge or couch in it, but a new 5X10 utility trailer for less than $1k solves that issue.

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do u think the tbss can tow a trailer with liek 4 bikes in it...bike r liek 400 lbs each

I wouldnt see why not thats less 2,000 lbs and i would imagine a tbss could haul at least 3k without an issue but i dunno im not an suv guy.

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Don't get me wrong, I like the TBSS for what it is, but I am not a god awful fan of the trailblazers to begin with. I have never been in or driven a tbss but every tb I drive, I dislike. I am a big guy (6'21" 300 pounds) and I feel very cramped in a trailblazer. The ergonomics just don't appeal to me. The tb in general tends to feel very loose and sloppy and just not as fun as the SSS. Once again this is all my opinion and seeing as how I am judging this off my experience with a regular tb, I could be completely wrong. My vote is going to be for the SSS. Besides you can't just throw your bike in the back of a TBSS and take off like you could in a SSS

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