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Tornados In College Station Texas


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we dont have weather like that up here in WA. thats why i miss the south tornado's thunder storms ect......



i hope no one got hurt during it

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thats crazy i would sh!t my pants if i saw that!



I too would poop my pants :wtf:


I've seen a bunch of waterspouts before living in the outerbanks but nothing that big...

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It's scary as all hell... when the tornado builds (before it touches down) the storm changes 100%, feels like the end of the world.


Goes from a normal storm to an ominous 'oh crap' feeling, then the hail, then the WIND! It happens so quickly.


There was a local tornado warning, and some dumb-ass friends and myself went to "chase it"... yeah right, we ran from it! Wasn't even that close to us... lol.


shlt my pants?.... I'd shlt mine and the guy's pants standing next to me too!


I've never seen one that big! Cool pic.

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