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Air Conditioning Trouble


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Well my a/c has not worked since I bought my truck last year. Had it in to GM last summer and they said the a/c was overcharged. Supposedly fixed it. However, the clutch will not engage when I push the a/c button in the dash. I tried a climate control module from a friends truck and mine works in his truck, but his will not work in mine so this verifies my climate control module is working fine. Replaced the low pressure sensor as well. There also no power going to the low pressure sensor. Clutch will engage with HP Tuners when I tell it to turn on, but does not cycle.


Tonight I got a neighbor to check the pressure in the a/c system. Without it running, it was 60psi on the cold side, 125psi on the hot side. Engaged the clutch with HP Tuners on my laptop, and high rose to over 200psi and low was over 100psi. Let it out so that while it was running the low was at 30psi. Within 3 mins of running the pressure rose to almost 40psi. The air is not cold at all. The low line above the condensor gets real cold, but the air in the cab is warmer than outside temp. Seems the door is not shutting off the hot air and allowing the cold air to come through. I realize I have to take the panels off under the passenger seat to find the door under there. Still don't understand why the clutch won't engage by the button in the dash. Any ideas?

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Haha $700 for the whole fuse box plus install. This is exactly why my truck will never go to that dealership again. It was there last year and they f'ed up. I am going to B.C. (+35 celcius) on Friday and have no a/c. My Dad insisted it get looked at. I was at work with my car and he took my truck in. I told him not to take it anywhere, dealerships around here are good for nothing. Sucks my brother doesn't work for GM anymore, used to have access to the GM scan tools, wheel alignment rack, a/c gauges, tranny flushes, anything I needed.


This loose fuse I don't think will fix my circulation problem, I am on my way outside to get it tight.

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