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A/c & Heater Not Working


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As the title says, the a/c and heater aren't working. I have the digital climate control, and everything seems to work fine on that part. Its just not blowing any air. So of course my initial thought is that the blower is out... But before I just go and buy a new one, are there things i should look for or any other things that can be causing this problem? I'm no mechanic by any means, so any ideas and suggestions would help. Give me what you got!


I have barely over 50K miles on the truck, is this a common problem at this point? Thanks in advance!

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You need to replace the blower resistor module, it is located under the passenger side dash behind the black hush panel. 2 bolts and 2 plugs, doesn't take more then 15-20 minutes to change. I just replaced mine a month and a half ago, 47k on my truck at the time. :freak:

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