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Take A Look At These New Hids I Picked Up


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They are blue tinted hids! I know most of you are not a fan super blue hids as it makes it to were you cannot see but i thought the blue looked pretty cool. post-19056-078528200 1290045787_thumb.jpg


side by side with a normal 8k bulb.


this is on my silverado


post-19056-023817000 1290045876_thumb.jpg


and finally just a picture of the headlight housing to show the blueness haha!


post-19056-089472700 1290045917_thumb.jpg


I aswell was giving a pair of pink and green bulbs, they are wierd driving around the neighborhood with. I ended up just leaving the blues in since im sure id get pulled over with the other colors. Its like riding in smurf world at night

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Me too i think its tight with a nice looking truck :pepsicheer: . Were yours tinted blue like these i have? I didnt know they could be till i got these.

my bulb's weren't tinted blue. As far as people not liking blue thats there deal. everybody as their own thing. i personally like them.

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