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Gmpp Cnc-Ported L92 Cylinder Head Assemblies


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I have a new in the box(s) pair of GMPP CNC-Ported L92 cylinder head assemblies – Part number 88958698, that fit any LS family engine with a bore of 4.00” or larger. They are assembled with stock L92 2.165/1.590” valves, and have new .650” max lift Patriot Gold springs and matching titanium retainers. They have 280cc intake ports, 100cc D-shaped exhaust ports with 68cc (70cc?) combustions chambers. There are definitely better heads on the market, but it’s hard to find a head that will flow the numbers the GM assemblies capable of for a comparable price (reportedly 358cfm at .700” lift on the intake side). If you’re looking for a decent head for a budget price, these things are hard to beat. I’m asking $1200 plus shipping, which isn’t a steal, but still not bad considering a like pair from someone such as SDPC will set you back $1598. I don’t much understand SDPC price on the heads with stock valves, as you can get CNC’d L92 heads with Manley valves from them for $1500 a pair. Who knows, but never-the-less you can still save a few hundred dollars. I will also throw in a new set of L92 Rocker Arm Support Stands.



Again, I’m asking $1200 plus shipping.



Thanks for taking the time to look.

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