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Loosing Coolant


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hey i was wondering if anyone could tell me why im loosing coolant i dont see any leaks anywhere but yet i have to keep adding some every few days im not sure wuts wrong if anyone could help id appreciate it thanks alot :help:


have you noticed any problems with the way it runs, what's your oil look like, is it smoking any

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first off what are ur mods, 2nd what is the temperature, humidity level etc..., 3rd do u shoot white smoke out, how many miles are on the truck and can u smell a sweet smell from the exhaust?



if ur shooting PURE white smoke, u might have a blown head gasket and that is causing coolant to make it through the block and into the heads burning it up.


have u drained the fluid lately? if so it takes a little bit for the motor to fill up with coolant therefore u could just be a little low

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all i have is a black bear tune, intake and exhaust and there is no white smoke and i dont smell anything sweet at all i live in va the temp isnt that cold here yet and my truck runs at normal operating temp wen the rite amount of coolant is in it and i checked my oil its fine not smokkey or milky im lost as to wut it is

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