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Tinted My Tail Lights

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whoop whoop dupe.gifbiggrinjester.gif


if thats for cops lol yea i know, but its not really my DD unless it rains or i cant ride my bike, and when i do take it out its generally dusk or night so im hopin that wont be a problem, if it is a may slap a lightbar on it.

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I have seriously been considering this too. I was planning on putting woman's nylons over the light and then painting them arrival blue on a very low pressure. I figure the mix of red and blue would keep the Troopers happy in NY. But I did get stopped for a clear license plate cover before??

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idk how that method would work, the first two coats the red and blue mixed and it just looked like a dark red with a blue tint to the reverse lights, then adding more base and id say 5 more coats got it to the final product, but your method might work, if i were to go back and do it over id get clear lensed tails even though they are but ugly with all the chrome crap inside em, but if ur tinting them they shouldnt look too bad. i am getting a lightbar to keep the 5-0 off my tail.


a GOOD quality light bar from recon, im not havin hot spots on my truck, bugs the $h!t outta me

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