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Input Output Wire Colors For Bose Amp


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I'm new to the site. I've got a 2004 silverado SS with a bose stero system. I'm ok at wiring stuff up. My stero went out on me. My deck works but no power was going to my speakers. The speakers work but no juice. I checked all my fuses and they were good so i took out the bose amp under the center console. I tore the amp apart and found it was fried. New bose amps are way too expensive. So can i just splice the input and output wires to the amp together. And if i can what are the wire colors. I think there were different numbers and colors of wires thats why i'm stuck. I have a aftermarket deck to put in so i can push the speakers.

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Did you try putting in that aftermarket deck with just a regular clip? and not the Bose Clip? Usually thats what happens when you try to wire up a deck without the required clip for the upgraded stereo, or were you sure your amp was fried?


THe stero went out b4 i put the new deck in there. At the time i thought it was the deck. I opened the whole amp up and it is fried. The new ones are like 370 bucks and im not guna pay that. lol. I was just tryn to bypass it.


I have a stock bose amp from my truck for sale, you can email me at chpspecial(at)gmailDOT com




how much u askn?

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Give me you email address or email me your zipcode and I can give you a price including shipping. I also have the PAC module to go with it if you are intrested. The module allow you to add aftermarket amps to suppliment the bose sound system. Or use it to add subwoofers.

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