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Disable Drl


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Im am interested in having the DRL (Daytime Running Lights) OFF. Is there a way to switch them on/off or do you have to completely disable the lights or pull a fuse? I suppose I could always wire in a switch that I could control the circuit on.


Thanks for any input.

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You can set them to off completely by going into your DIC Driver Info. Center. Its on ur steering wheel. Press the button on lower left that has a picture of a road. Then use the right side controls to select and change it. Or just remove the bulbs.

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This some sort of cheat the system thing? haha..

So, turn switch left, THEN engage starter or engage starter then hit switch before the engine fires? And when to let off?

Normal design. Start vehicle, then rock switch to "O" symbol; release. will have to be done on every ignition cycle.

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