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Possible Tuning Problem


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I just had a friend tune my truck with HP tuner and now when i go WOT the oil pressure gauge pegs on the high end. I'm worried this could cause blow by. Has anyone else had this problem and if so how do we fix it.



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Tuning with HP Tuners should not change anything with the oil pressure. Either your interment cluster isn't reading correctly or you have a bad sending unit. I would check the pressure with a mechanical gauge to see what it is.

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blow by would be casued by damaged piston rings. Higer oil pressure might mean the pump is going out, there is a check valve in the OE pump and maybe it is failing?

or a faulty guage?

I would guess if you hooked it up to a scanner you could double check the oil pressure reading on the dash with the computer and go from there.

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