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Cut Outs


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First deff search it out. But you can look on ebay or what not, The QTP ones are ok as well as the other ones that are on there, I had them for a while till they started to leak and then well I took them off. I would recommend spending the extra money and get the Doug Throley cutouts. Jegs and Summit sells them, really really nice.

As far as install right after the cats and the O2 sensors so you don't throw any codes.

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Alright so on an SS with headers and catted y pipe into a corsa exhaust.....


I would need a single 3" version and the cutout pipe would go somewhere in the Corsa intermediate pipe?


Just behind where it goes from 2:1 ? or at the end by the muffler? The later seems like the dump may blast right into the muffler and not be ideal....



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