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Go From 4 Pin To 2 Pin Alt?


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Can anyone tell me how to do this?


I know there's actually only 3 of the 4 wires that get used, but I'm trying to go to a 2 pin alt so I can use the Police package 05 Tahoe (160 amp). Does one wire not get used or a resistor put inline?




The pic won't copy from Alldata (legal crap)...

4 pins; A,B,C,D

A- engine on signal

B-charge Indicator Control.

C- Generator Field Duty Cycle Signal.

D- not used.


I've already gone to a 145 amp alt and got "Battery Not Charging" and ended up putting the 105 back on. It was a 4 pin and don't get why I got that message (confused the BCM?). I REALLY don't want to have the stealership flash my baby again, they SUCK!

My truck is an 03 & 105 amp... not enuf.



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Ok, I just got done putting in a D244 and all is good this time around. Took back the 'Worldwide' and got a Delco Remy and everything went as the first one should've. Woulda been nice to have the 160 amp alt in there, but didn't want to wait and have more dead battery issues. I'm just gonna run the truck a few minutes on days I don't go anywhere... may not be a full output charge but it'll do.

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sounds like u have something draining the batt as well.


Yeah, no doubt... alarm, remote start, gps tracker, but not getting rid of any of that of course. I plan on doing a (2nd) deep cycle battery and maybe I'll be able to use the system for a drive in movie with the wife next year.


Sh*t, that reminds me, I was gonne hit the dealer and check the set up for doing the 2nd battery too, oh well... tomorrow.


I do need to do a draw test tho and make sure nothing else is contributing to this.

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