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Don't know this person personally however his Avatar is a bit distracting.


I have had great conversations with Grant (MNR-0), Bill (5_liter_eater) and Russ (Rus K). A few others who I follow are RWTD and EC_Tune. Between these guys, I gained so much knowlege. All have been responsive to PM's as well,...just do not ask them to "fix" your tune rather explain what they would do in a certain situation.


Like all other forums, there are a$$ holes and there are genuine enthusiasts willing to help. The issue is how to figure out who is who.

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got it. redheadsupra. JFYI, guys who do goto the HPT fourm...if you are getting help from screen name 'google' you are getting some great help from (IMO) a person who really understands tuning.


For those learning this is a good little bit of info.

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one of those :) I feel so stalkerish :)


I am not psycho, I just like to find good mentors.



Face it, your a stalker. :ughdance:




Yea, I read alot of Marcin Pohl's work ( I particularly like his write-up on "How Speed Density Works"). Alot of great physicis discussions over the years. I am not critical of any of his work by any means however he dives into the physics and how the tables interact more so than "tuning" I feel. Alot of great tuners will discuss things like what fuel ratios give the best power at x RPM whereas Marcin can tell you how to ensure your tune will deliver those ratios correctly, on demand.


Good to put a well known tuner to the name!

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