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Removing Heads

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i personally have never taken a head bolt out in any order. i just start cracking them loose. did know you had to had ive never had a problem with heads after installing the same head back down. from what i know it matters when you are torquing them down. also dont know if you know it or not. bolt LS motor head bolts are not reusable. you will need new ones or up grade to ARP bolts. then you can reuse the arp. if you ever have to left a head in the future.

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I'd grab a chiltons or something for it just to be safe, but I think if you work from the outside bolts in you should be fine. Just go reverse of the torque order for the head bolts.



ight man thanks i was jus worried id screw em up by taken them of i didnt know if there was a special way and i just ugraded to arp bolts it was ten dollars more then the stock ones

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I just use LS1 how to.com, if I ever have any questions while working on these motors. Also I've never taken out the head bolts in a certain order I just impact them out. There is a special torque sequence to torquing them down. Chevy_anim.gif

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you can usually get the chilton manualsa thur your public libary online.

I use the michigan electronic libary and log in with my drivers licsnse....might be a similar one for your state.



edit: Like this


but you'll need to find the catolg for the manuals

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