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Custom Exhaust Giving Me Codes


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I recently installed long tube headers, cut out the cats, rear O2 sensors and fabricated new mid pipes. A custom tune was installed the day before so the truck would run with out cats. I drove the truck for the rest of the summer, i noticed there was some flucuation with the rpm at WOT between five and six thousand, at first i thought it was the torque coverter. A few days ago i was on my way back from work when the check engine light came on, my wideband air fuel guage went crazy and I had no throttle response, I pulled over and got a tow home. Tonight i used my programmer to trouble shoot the codes and I found P0101, P0131, and P0151. The system is reading low voltage in bank one and two.


Do I have a bad tune, sensors, a short or lack of back pressure? How do I fix this and make sure it doesnt happen again?

I reset the codes, am i okay to start the truck or is the problem more indepth?


thanks, josh :pepsicheer:

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