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Researching Portable Battery Booster


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So I'm reading reviews for portable battery boosters and I come across a comment made regarding proper booster cable connections. The comment below has me curious if there is any truth to this. I assumed that the only reason to hook the dead negative battery cable to a bare body part was to prevent an explosion due to spark. Is this comment :icon_bs: ?



"Quality product. Enough amps to start gasoline engines, and small diesels.


Used properly, this 'jumper' will perform when needed. To eliminate the draw of a discharged battery, connect the positive (red) cable to the positive (red) post of the auto...... connect the negative (black) cable to a solid ground in the engine compartment, not the negative (black) post of the battery.


If you connect the jumper directly to the posts of a discharged battery, the discharged battery will try to siphon 'juice' from the jumper, preventing the starter motor from getting the 'juice' it needs to spin the engine.


By connecting the negative cable to an engine ground, the low battery condition is removed from the electrical equation."


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