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Looking For A Muffler.


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Okay my truck is too quiet and I think is is time for a different muffler. I'm looking to swap my factory muffler to something with better performance and I want something with a good rumble. I do not like anything raspy. So in other words I want to be able to hear my truck run, but not wake up the whole neighborhood. Anybody know of a good muffler for me? I also plan on welding it in myself.





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The dynomax X flow is a awesome choice magnaflow makes one kind of like it too you can check out the magnaflow website and they have a ton to choose from there. Also youtube is an awesome place to look for sounds of different mufflers.

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Good timing. I just removed this from my truck last night. Its a Magnaflow 2.5" DI/DO 22" case. Stainless obviously. I would say its more of a "touring" muffler as its not loud but its not quiet by any means.




Here is a short video of it. This is an old video lol but serves its purpose


$50.00 + shipping.


Lemme know!

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go with 2bfasts muffler i have the same one and its very nice


i totally agree. for 50 bucks that thing is a steal and brian is a great guy to deal with. that muffler will get you the sound youre looking for over stock and not be ridiculously loud and virtually no rasp or resonance inside the cab. I love my magnaflow

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another choice just to keep in mind is the dynomax bullet. i had a flowmaster on my truck before and the drone was insane in the cab and pretty loud at idle. so i got the dynomax bullet and its quiter at idle but insane at WOT.


There on jegs for 40 bucks. there a single in single out muffler that is straight threw. not raspy and also has a nice rumble to it.

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