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Best Way To Tint Tail Lights Without Buying New Assembly

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I wanna tint my tail lights some, but i don't wanna pay for all new tail light assemblies because I already have all of them LED. Any suggestions? I know that you can get the roll of film or whatever that you can tint windows with, but I have an 03 and the tail lights are curved and would be a pain in the ass to do. Thoughts?

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The proper way would be to bring them to a good autobody shop and have them tint them with a good spray gun. You can use that VHT night shades stuff you can get in a rattle can at any auto parts store but thats kind of a cheap way to do it and the quality usually isnt as good as if you were to have them done by a good body shop

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Personally i would jut pay a autobody shop to tint. I attempted to tint my corner lenses myself and id did not quite work out and i had to buy new headlights

So decided to have my tailights professionally done, and they came out great. I only paid $50, but my truck was already being fixed so they had some extra paint, so it might have been cheeper because of that


If you feel up to doing it yourelf, then go for it. it would be much cheeper that way

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