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Adams Gen3 Porter Cable Pad System

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The transition is final... we are now shipping exclusively our 6.75" Generation 3 Porter Cable Pads. Many of you may be receiving them in upcoming deliveries as some fell midway thru the transition period. Going forward all kits and PC pad packages will include this new pad design. We had initially intended to put the old pads on closeout and release these new versions towards the end of the month, but an overwhelmingly massive response to our black friday sale cleaned us out ahead of schedule.


Things are always changing and improving, anyone whos used our products for a good amount of time should know by now that when we make a change its only if we feel something is better. This is one of those cases, but not a complete overhaul... more of an evolution of our hugely popular Gen2 pad system, the Gen3 system incorporates some minor tweaks to build upon the existing design.


Best of all the pads are backwards compatible with all our previous generation velcro backing plates!!


How are they different?


  • Slightly Smaller - The new generation 3 pads have 6.75" of contact surface w/ an overall diameter of 6.875". They're sized identically to our Flex pads, but maintain our previous generation of pads hex cut face pattern. Testing found that this pattern meant cleaner finishing with the Porter Cable.
  • The Ring is Gone - To promote more positive contact with the backing plate and improve pad life the ring was removed. While the pads still have a recess cut into them to keep the backing plate shielded the ring was deemed unnecessary in this latest generation. It also means that these pads can be used with the Flex polisher should the mood strike you.
  • Black Backing - A new black felt backing (the same as the flex pads) has been chosen. It provides more positive grip and in turn should translate to longer pad life and fewer backing failures.
  • Slightly Thicker - the foam removed from the outer flared edge of the Gen2 7.5" pads has been reincorporated into the face of the pad. The Gen 3 pad is slightly thicker which may require some adjustments and experimenting with your current pressure application as the pad now has more room to compress. Essentially the Gen3 pads are composed of the exact same amount of foam to make as the Gen2, just utilized in a different layout.

Should I Upgrade Now?

Not necessarily. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with the generation 2 pad system you currently have, but when those pads are ready to be replaced know that you'll be able to pick up our newest pad design without skipping a beat. If you're in the market for new pads, now would be the prime time to get em! The foam material is still exactly the same as it has been on our previous generation pads, the polishing ability is the same, all improvements were made in the name of improved ease of use and durability.


564.jpg 334.jpg 335.jpg 336.jpg

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what kind of backing plate do those use? Im thinking of getting some new pads to use with my buffer.


if I had to change backing plate and all, what would that run?


5.75" velcro backing plate... all the pads and plate are available in one kit:




>click the pic for more info<

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Depends on the buffer... the backing plate has a threaded shaft that fits the PC and other DA's.... depends on what kine of interface your buffer has.


If you have a 5.75" velcro backing plate already then the pads will work fine with it.

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