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Need Some Audio/Ipod Help!

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Hopefully someone can give me an idea on whats goin on! Alright so my pioneer AVH4100dvd just stopped playing my Ipod today it did this samething in my 5.3 silverado the same night a drunk driver hit me head on going down the highway so I never got to find out what the issue was. So when I put the radio in my 03 SSS the only parts I used from the other truck were the radio and the PAC bose bypass harness and its been totally fine since I put it in I actually used a kenwood ipod cable this time just because I was having trouble finding the pioneer one but it works just fine. But basically what happend was I went out today and my ipod was playing just fine until it almost seemed like something skipped but then it kept on playing then pulled into a parking lot and changed the song and it and it just stopped playing sound like you can see it playing on the screen but no sound comes out then if I turn the volume up its just static and the louder I turn the volume up the louder the statis is so its almost like its not playing the audio? I tried unplugging everything pluged it all back in and still the same result but the radio works and the CD player will play a CD. Last weekend I wired up the truck for my amp and sub out of my old truck and hooked up my antenna adapter because I wasnt using the radio when I first put the radio in but I finally hooked it up and it worked fine all week so Im not sure if that has anything to do with it? One thought I was thinking is its cold here now in CT and I have the IPOD cable ran from the back of the radio down to under the center console and it runs near the heating ducts so I was almost wondering if the wire is really cold then once the heat warms up maybe condensation build up in the wire? Because when it did it in my old truck the night I got in my accident it was in the summer so it was really warm out and I had turned the AC on so maybe the wire was really warm from the hot air and when I turned the AC on it also created some sort of condensation? And Id say it took about the same amount of time each time for it to stop working. Another thought I had was maybe my Ipod is finally shitting the bed its about 4 years old so Im sure its on its last leg. The cable I have is one where it has a male USB end that plugs into the back of the radio and has a headphone style plug that also plugs into the back of the radio as well and I have it plugged into the AUX in port, then at the other it has the male end that plugs into the female end of the IPOD the non headphone style plug. Im going to try my friend IPOD tomorrow and see if it works but I just wasnt sure if someone had any idea on what might be going on!

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