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Dtc Trouble Code P1626


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did a random diagnostics check on my 2005 SS today and got a trouble code P1626... the engine light wasn't on but this code showed up... forgot to write down the description before i cleared it but it said something about some module connection not detected or some bullshit... truck has been working perfect except one day i tryed to start up using remote start and the battery never had enough juice to crank the truck over and set off the alarm instead... never had any trouble just threw on a set of boosters and way to go ever since... anybody know if this is what might have set off the code or is it something else... the code is only recently been set off becuase i usually randomly run a diagnostics about once a week... any help is appreciated

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According to a quick Google search "P1626", I would say that your theft deterrent circuit/wiring has been modified. :dunno:




Mr. P.

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From AllData......



DTC P1626



The control module communicates with other modules using the class 2 serial data circuit. The vehicle theft deterrent (VTD) body control module (BCM) sends a vehicle security password to the powertrain control module (PCM), via the class 2 serial data circuit, after the BCM has sensed the proper operation of the ignition switch and lock, and determined that the switch and lock have not been tampered with. If this password matches the password stored in the PCM, fuel will be enabled. If the BCM does not send a password, or if the PCM does not receive it, the vehicle will not start, or it may start and stall. This will set a DTC P1626 in the PCM memory. If communication is lost after receiving the password, the VTD Passlock system will go into Fail Enable, set a U1192 in the PCM memory, and the engine will continue to run. This will allow the engine to restart on future ignition cycles but may set a DTC P1626 as the engine is started. If the battery is disconnected or the codes are cleared, the vehicle will lose its Fail Enable status and will not start until communication is re-established.




This diagnostic procedure supports the following DTC:

DTC P1626 Theft Deterrent Fuel Enable Signal Lost




•The VTD system is enabled.

•The fuel enable decision point has been reached, or the engine is cranking.




The PCM has not established communications with the BCM and has not received a valid password before the fuel disable decision point was reached.




•The PCM stores the DTC in history after the first failure but will not illuminate the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL).

•The PCM records the operating conditions at the time the diagnostic fails. The PCM stores the failure information in the scan tools Freeze Frame/Failure Records.




•A history DTC will clear if no fault conditions have been detected for 40 warm-up cycles.

•A warm-up cycle occurs when the coolant temperature has risen 22°C (40°F) from the start-up coolant temperature and the engine coolant temperature (ECT) exceeds 70°C (160°F) during the same ignition cycle.

•Use the scan tool Clear Information function.




IMPORTANT: Do not clear DTCs unless directed by a diagnostic procedure. Clearing DTCs will also clear valuable Freeze Frame and Failure Records data.


•Inspect for published service bulletins relating to exhibited symptoms or component operation.

•Inspect all related wiring and connections including the PCM and BCM connections. These may cause an intermittent malfunction.

•If the class 2 serial data circuit is shorted to ground or shorted to voltage, then all systems connected to the serial data circuit will not be able to communicate properly. Systems capable of storing loss of communications DTCs, or the DTCs with the letter "U" as a prefix, will have these codes stored in their memory. If a DTC U1192 is stored in the PCM memory along with the P1626, then a fault occurred at some point after the PCM received the correct password. The BCM must also be inspected for intermittent operation due to a loss of power or ground to the module itself. After repairing the cause of DTC 1626, clear all DTCs from the systems capable of storing this DTC and DTC U1192.

•The VTD Passlock parameters can be monitored in the PCM under engine data 2, display with a scan tool.

•The scan tool Diagnostic Circuit Check can be used to:

•Monitor the class 2 serial data circuit for modules which have been or are communicating.

•Monitor for loss of communications DTCs with the letter "U" as a prefix: U1001-U1199.

•Clear loss of communication DTCs. When a Clear Codes command is issued, all codes, Freeze Frame and Failure Records information is cleared.

•The scan tool Class 2 Message Monitor will show the status of each module on the class 2 circuit. A status of Active indicates that the module is communicating with the scan tool. An Inactive status indicates that the module previously communicated with the scan tool, but is not communicating currently. The inactive status will only appear if the loss of communication occurs while on the Message Monitor screen. If a module is not listed at all, then the missing module never successfully established communications with the scan tool or lost communication while on another screen. Refer to Scan Tool Does Not Communicate with Class 2 Device in Computer/Integrating Systems for the complete class 2 data link to determine if there are any unlisted modules.

•An intermittent may be caused by any of the following conditions:

•A poor connection

•Rubbed through wire insulation

•A broken wire inside the insulation

•Thoroughly inspect any circuitry that is suspected of causing the intermittent complaint.

•If a repair is necessary,

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the code popped up on a scan again today and this is what it says


P1626 Voltage to Vehicle Load Control Module circuit not detected


its not the theft deterent one that comes up when you search it on google.... anybody have any idea what is causing this

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OK. Simplest terms I know.


Attached to the steering column under the dash there is a computer, called the BCM. Under the hood near the battery there is a computer, called the PCM. These computers have a conversation every time you start your truck, they talk to each other making sure the correct key has been put into the ignition. The wire used for this conversation is cut. I would bet a dollar that whoever installed your remote start cut this wire.


Mr. P.

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