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5.3 Or 6.0


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i am trying to think if i should go with the 6.0 swap or just take the 5.3 and cam it with full exhaust, cold air, and a tune.


anyone know of any numbers that would but down.

i am not sure of how much power the 5.3 has and if camming it would help out alot.




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Get the 6-litre, UNLESS you are going to use forced induction; with forced induction the 5.3L will act exactly the same as the 6.0L (under boosted operation), because both motors have the same stroke. But N/A or nitrous, get the 6.0L hands-down.


Mr. P.

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I say 6.0 no matter what. In some ways your power goals with a 6.0 are pretty much endless where as a 5.3 your kind of limited as to what you can do. And some people struggle to get over 400 horse out of a 5.3 unless boosted or with out spending tons and tons of money where as a 6.0 you have tons of room to work with!

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Some food for thought... the horsepower difference between a 5.3 and a 6.0 with mod for mod is 50.... I saw this test performed between two truck, one a 6.0 the other a 5.3 with same mods and after 3 pulls each, each time the HP difference was 50

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