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Truck Throwing Codes,

Super Silverado

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Truck is a 2003 Silverado SS, 102,000 miles


Today I go run a quick errand, truck is fine on the way there, I go to leave , right away as I start it the CEL comes on and it goes into reduced power mode. I limp it home. I park it ans shu it off. I go back out to mess with, start it up and it is no longer in reduced power mode but the CEL is still on. From her eon out the CEL is only on a few of the times I start it, and not on at all other times. My brother comes by with a scanner, here are the codes:


P2135 Throttle/Pedal Position sensor/Switch "A"/"B" Voltage

P0120 Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor A circuit


I posted on another board and I am a little confused as to what I am, being told. They are in agreement that it is the TPS sensor, but I am not clear if I can just replace the sensor or if I have to replace the whole throttle body unit. I thought I'd post on here and let ya'll give me your opinions. Money is kinda tight so I don't want to be buying a bunch of crap that isn't needed. I've also been reading around and heard that sometimes wiring breaks or comes loose and can cause these codes to be thrown. And like I said the symptoms are intermittent, although it was only in reduced power mode once. My brother cleared the codes and drove it around the block and they didn't come back, but that was only a short trip.


\What do you guys think?

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