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Awd Not Working Full Time ?

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so we got 12" snow yesterday and I was trying to get out of the driveway. 350' long and I have never got stuck in it before so I don't shove or plow.

changed my mind and was going to get a snow blower but I got stuck 3 times in the driveway? I just figured I spining on ice at first but when

I had to get out I saw that the front wheels didn't spin? put down some ice salt and move another 40' got stuck agian? then I was get mad why

wasn't my awd kick in? I put some miles on after that I it seem like it worked most of the time but some times I would fish tail out coming out of

a snowy coner?


I have no dash waring lights, should I see if the are any codes with a obd


I just changed the diff fluid in the fall but didn't do the transfer case, I have trutrac fliud in now about 2 years/ 40,000 miles. I am going to change this soon.


Is there any other ideas out there I could sure use them


thanks brad

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Well I got the truck over to the same guy I had 2 trans done with and he said the Viscous Coupler is diffently shot.

he called me on the phone and give me a run down basically it is the worst transfore case he has seen that is still drivable.

new viscous coupler $800 and $600 for labor and more for new gears, seals and bearings puts me close to $1800.

a tad more then I wanted to spend 3 day before xmas but it's just money. :banghead: who needs food.


I and starting to look for a new truck now as it's allways something with the ss. I just replaced one of the o2s and got more codes

for the other ones, got to love it. but I'm still a year or two away from it so I want it to work right.

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I had removed and torn down my transfer case this last summer. Did it in the street in front of the house. It really is a straight forward job; approximately 1.5 hours to remove, an hour for transfer case R&R and another 2 hours to get her back in. Had 2 wheels up on the curb and 2 wheels on 4X4’s and that’s all the height needed. Field stripped the transfer case on a pair of saw horses in the driveway. The hardest part about reassembling the thing is locating the oil pump suction tube.


The reason I removed mine was the front drive shaft output shaft bearings (transfer case lower shaft bearings). An incorrectly installed seal at the factory allowed water into that bearing. Lots of noise right under your butt. Anyway, the case comes apart easily and the viscous coupling pretty much falls out. I would say that anyone that can hold a wrench can accomplish this job. And if you can’t figure it out, take the ‘box of parts’ to your transmission guy to reassemble then reinstall the transfer case yourself. My last post gave you a source for a new viscous coupling, STE Traction Control Technology, and the other parts needed are the intermediate adaptor gasket and a tube of RTV form-a- gasket (I like the blue ‘goo’). I got the adaptor gasket from the dealer. As far as bearings and chain, if they aint makin’ noise, reuse them. Just do a good inspection of components once you open the case.


Anyway, I think you can do this job and save yourself a bundle.


Good Luck

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