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8 Pieces Of Cladding 4 Sale


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I just bought a full cladding kit, so all the pieces i had already bought are going up for sale. All of them do have their scratches, some more than others. None are torn at all, they are in great shape. I will kind of base the prices from what sae is asking, just less, lol



Both extended cab doors with brackets, black, very nice shape, might even be able to just buff these for use on a black truck. sae wants 228 and 238 each, Asking 250 shipped for both, braclets included, or $150 each shipped. PASSENGERS SIDE SOLD


Drivers side fender piece, in primer, brand new. Sae wants $125 Asking $ 80 shipped


Drivers side bed panel, BEFORE wheel, SOLD


Passengers front door, SOLD


Passengers rocker panel, sae wants $230 Asking $180 shipped


Passengers bed panel, BEFORE wheel, sae wants $200 Asking $140 shipped


Passenger bed panel, AFTER wheel, sae wants $235 Asking 150 shipped


All pics are attatched, if you dont like the prices, shoot me an offer, also would be willing to deal if you want more pieces. Thanks

post-20305-014959700 1292330249_thumb.jpg

post-20305-069227400 1292330263_thumb.jpg

post-20305-065703700 1292330283_thumb.jpg

post-20305-008006000 1292330291_thumb.jpg

post-20305-066658500 1292330299_thumb.jpg

post-20305-056077800 1292330308_thumb.jpg

post-20305-093727500 1292330317_thumb.jpg

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and heres the pic of the fender piece, i will add in that if you want to be in line for something, post it up on here, than you can pm me, that way everyone can see who as first for a particular piece, Thanks

post-20305-024671000 1292330769_thumb.jpg

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OK sorry i havent gotten back to anyone, my computer got a virus and i just got it back today, As far as availability, the drivers side bed panel and the passengers side rear door are both sold, everything else i still have.


I will return the pm's that you guys sent me as well. Thanks


I would also be willing to trade for a drivers side front door piece, figured i would mention that.

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I do have another potential buyer for that piece right now, i will let you know what happens. as for shipping, i will get back to you on that. I did want to post that i did notice a crack at the bottom where one of the bolt holes is, should be a very easy fix though. its right in the middle of the piece

post-20305-042088600 1295487698_thumb.jpg

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