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Subwoofer Problem


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i installed a subwoofer under the backseat. i tapped into the factory subwoofer speaker lines (under theconsole) and ran them to the a/m amplifier.

now my factory subs and the a/m sub does not work. when i unplug the a/m sub, then the factory subs go back on.

why is the truck rejecting the new subs? anyone know the fix?




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You need a interface adapter to hook up an aftermarket amp to a factory Bose unit. I believe PAC is the one I used, but not sure of the model for the adapter. This plugs into the factory Bose amp, and converts into a set of preamp outputs. You can adjust the gain and stuff on the adapter, and run your signal wire and RCA's to the bypass. The reason you need this adapter is because the factory bose amp controls more things than the amp itself. There are a few threads on it around here. Search around for it and that might give you the exact module you need.

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I add amps to factory bose systems every week since they came out, should work fine.


Did you run the lines from the factory sub to speaker level inputs in the amp?

Did you run two sets of speaker wires, one for each coil?

Did yo hook up the polarity right on the speaker wires?

Sounds like you have a short to ground.

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