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New Headunit And Amp. Need Some Help.

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So i'm getting a couple new things for the truck for christmas. One is the Pioneer AVH-3200DVD head unit and the other thing

I want to do is to get a good amp to push my subs. The one I have currently is terrible. I have 2 Kicker CVR 10s in a sealed box

under the rear seats. It says they can handle 400 watts rms each so i've been looking at the Kicker 750.1 amp but i'm tempted to go

with the 1000.1 to get that extra bass. Just wanted to see what yall thought about it because I'm not exactly an expert when it

comes to this stuff.


I appreciate the help.

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A standard rule of thumb in car audio is to run a bigger amp then what your speakers are rated for so that your not running distorted signal from the amp.

But you need to know the driver resistance of you subs...2ohm, 4ohm, svc, dvc, etc. to properly choose an amp.

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Kicker has gret speakers but I would not go with their amps

Get a hifonics jl audio or an earthquake

My first choise is always hifonics I had a 600w hifonics running 2 12" Cvr

All u have to do is run the speakers at 1ohm and bride the amp

And trust me it wil bump!!

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Giving more power to your subs than they can handle is never a good idea. As PAULGUY stated, svc, dvc, and the impedence in which you wire it all play key when choosing an amp. The airspace per chamber and type of box are also just as important as the way you wire your subs. I.E., you can get the Kicker 1000w amp of your choice, say mono type, bridge it and give each sub 500w @ 1 ohm, 250w @ 2 ohm (ideal for ~1 cu. ft. per chamber on those comps), and so on for 4 and 8 ohm.


I had an entire Kicker system and never had a problem with my amps, but I wouldn't rule out that Orion. I have friends running a few without any glitches and having to worry about overheating and blowing capacitors, so picking one up from fox forma and saving some holiday cash may not be a bad idea.

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Getting an amp that has more power than you subs IS a GOOD idea. You cant just go cranking your amp to max level and expect to not fry the speakers though. If you keep it at a moderate level, it will push the subs without any distortion and without straining the amp.


DO NOT bother with a Kicker amp however. I had a 1000/1 amp to push 1 Kicker Solo-Baric L& (15") and it was complete garbage. Many of the other amps mentioned here are very good choices. I myself, love Rockford Fosgate amps.

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