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Ssssshhhh A Bear Is Coming


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They said the other night on Sarah Palin's Alaska that you were suppose to say Hey Bear! Leave me alone bear!In a normal, calm voice or something similar.They said if you were to lay on your stomach the bear would bite the shit out of you. Then the wilderness guy proceeded to take a bear skull and bite Sarah palins daughter on the neck, then the back, and then said I hate to do this but.... and bite her with the bear skull on the ass. Then the bears tooth came out of the skull and was lodged in the ass crack of her jeans. He then grabbed in while Sarah was watching. CLASSIC bear survival advice.

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lucky guy.. :laugh: a friend of mine was not so lucky a few years ago while bow hunting. walked around back of a big tree and got his A$$ whooped by a Grizzly bear..took the left side of his face off with 1 swipe and tore most if the muscles in his back apart, and lost his eye, and lived to tell the story..

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