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Tuning The Iat/Spark Table On Radix Lq9 Trucks


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I just picked up a 2003 Silverado SS complete with a radix (MP112). I'm starting to data-log the truck and will start tweaking on the tune soon. I was wondering how much "softening" of the IAT/Spark table should be done. Obviously the supercharger will cause the IATs to go higher than a stock truck and the stock tuning pulls quite a bit of timing at 130 degrees IAT and up. Any thoughts on how much of the timing pull can be removed without causing issues? In a quarter mile run I noticed the truck starts to fall on its face around the 1000ft mark. I want a nice running street truck that has a safe tune but 10 to 12 degrees total timing near the end of the quarter mile seems very weak to me. FYI: The truck is making 8 psi on an autometer gauge.




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