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Mad Dog 4L65E Built Transmission

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hey guys


has any one gotten a 4L65E built transmission from this guy? i am planing on doing some mods on my truck and one of the includes the tranny. has any one purchased one of his products? i read his reviews on ebay and the guy 100% positive feed back and great coments.

if not; can any one refer me to a local transmission shop in NY that could built a 4L65E?



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Wow does that video on their opening page make them look stupid. There are four companies that I'd recomend. Here are my recomendations:


Rossler Transmissions

Top of the line, my personal choice for the best you can buy.


Finish Line Transmissions

Top notch build quality and in the last few years has used every bit of research and development from some of the fastest trucks out there to keep improving constantly. If I were going to buy a transmission and couldn't get a Rossler, it would be my next choice for sure.


RPM Transmissions

Very good transmission for the money.



Very good company to deal with. You certainly don't get shorted on the parts quality from them, They can build you just about anything you want since they sell just about every transmission part currently being made including the converter. They also sell a 6 pinion planetary kit that changes the gearing on the first and second gear to a much more race oriented gearing while leaving the third and fourth gear ratio's alone which will help keep drivability in check. Any of the SSS trucks planning to run 11's or faster would certainly benefit from this.

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