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E-Fan Conversion Help- Waterpump Nut Replacement?


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Hello All, Long time reader, First time poster.


I have searched this site and many others for an answer to my question. I could not find it in any how-to's or forum posts.


I'm installing e fans from a 05 in my 03 Silverado SS. Now that I have removed the stock fan/clutch assembly, what do I do about holding the pulley on the water pump now? Do I need a new Nut to take the place of the large nut attached to the stock fan/clutch?

If so anyone know a gm part number, or thread size/ pitch etc?


I should be done soon when I resolve this, That is after I get into the PCM pins with those pia plastic harness holders on the PCM. (squeeze the ends and pull up?- ya ok sounds easy.....)


Any help would be much appreciated

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