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Boost Gauge Hookup To Maggie

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Hello all, Ok I have searched. and I do know where the brass plug is on the back to get a boost vacuum signal from.


BUT- I bought my gauge direct from Magnacharger (no instructions) and it comes with a T-fitting that they obviously expect you to use to tap into an exisiting line.


I don't want to have to source a barb fitting to replace the brass plug if I can just use what they gave me.


From what I can see/ understand I should get a boost signal from the line going to the fuel booster? The one side originates from a port directly beside the brass plug on the manifold so I assume its going to read boost and vacuum the same?


here is a picture of what I mean. The author's arrow points the brass plug.

I want to t into the hose just to the left of his arrow, with Orange/red lettering on it, coming out of that diaphram looking thingy.....




Members in the know, please advise.


I doen't see the gauge affecting the signal to the fuel thingy enought to change anything?


Thanks in advance for any help




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You can also insert it into the line from the manifold to the vacuum dashpot on the driver's side of the blower. Don't hook it up to any fittings on the J-tube; use any of the fittings coming from the lower intake manifold itself and you'll be good. :thumbs:


Mr. P. :)

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