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Bait Car


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Anyone else watch the show Bait Car and enjoy it as much as me? 95% the time it is repeat offenders, and they always have the WORST excuses.I love the look on their faces from when they first steal it , to when the cops hit the lights.PRICELESS! They sometimes show New Orleans, and considering I visit very often it makes me want to buy a POS just to drive there. I watched one the other day,where a crack head steals the car but could not figure out how to put it in drive. Finally, he gets it in "drive" and moves down the street. Parks in someone's drive way. The owner comes out and says move your shit, So yet AGAIN the fool can not get it in drive. The man finally comes back and crack head says" it gets stuck."


The owner of property then says something like" Is this your car, Have you ever driven a car before, Press the brake fool." Crackhead finally gets it in gear and takes off again and parks up the street then pulls out his Crack pipe and porceeds to toke up.Then falls asleep 2 minutes later, and cops come knocking on the door.I can't remember exactly the excuse he said, but most of the the time it's " I jus movin dis caur for dat ladys right chere,I aints tryins ta steal dis caur." Never do they admit the truth,that they are just stupid pieces of shit and shouldn't be allowed in back in society after TONS of grand theft charges.What gets me even more is all the people saying it's entrapment, and the police are in the wrong.


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There should be an award at the end of the show for the perps. Free right hand removal! HAHA



I like that show too.


Great idea but they could cut both hands off and most of these guys would still try to take it.These Guys would be stealing cars with their teeth and feet.


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