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Arrival Blue Outer Door Handles/Tailgate Handle-Bezel?

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Where can i get or find some Factory OEM Arrival Blue Outer Door Handles/Tailgate Handle-Bezel for my 2003 Silverado Clone SS...right now i have the black textured cheap factory ones and they are an eye sore.... Does anybody know where i can find them or does anyone have any factory part numbers for these items so i can look for them...any help is greatly appreciated......Crazy I can find every other color online for sale except for Arrival Blue...real hard color to find...thanks guys/gals

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you can always paint i see your in ohio and so is my body shop i can give you a good deal to shoot them for you



Hey DGIEPSS, thanks for the help but i think i found all the stuff i need from a private seller in california, hey what local shows do u go to, i think i might have seen your truck at the Stylin Trucks show the last couple years, i live about 35-40 minutes north of stow

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yeah my truck has been at the stylin show i normally do that the all chevy at summit racing some of the pops cruise ins superchevy and gm nats carlise would be neat to run into you this summer ill keep a look out and nice for finding all your parts

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