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4" Full Mandrel Bend Exhaust, Magnaflows, Vband


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I figured I would put this up for sale. Its my full exhaust from downpipe back to the tip. A nice stainless 4" v band welded on to the end. It starts right after the trans crossmember and exits behind the passenger corner. All pipe is stainless 4" and use mandrel bends. Mufflers are magnaflow 14153 (5x8 oval x14) and 14163 (6" round 14" long), and the tip is a 5" stainless slant.


This is a direct fit on a nbs ext cab or crew cab (dunno about the super short bed guys), would need to be shorted for a regular cab. Way too long to ship this thing but I can meet you halfway within reason of Tuscaloosa, AL. Only about 200 miles on the mufflers. I didnt have it long enough to get a sound clip but it was moderately aggressive but very tame at highway speed. This is a direct bolt on for you turbo guys, but can be made to work with anything with a flowmaster merge pipe or similiar.




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Dang. This is a great deal. I just had a full 4" exhaust built for my truck and it was WELL over $500. Wish you had posted this earlier. I'd gotten it cut in half and shipped ups.lol!


Great deal!

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