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Just Bought 2005 Awd Silver Birch, Must Read


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Hey guys!

Long story somewhat short, I finally found the "perfect" sSS. So I applied for financing and got approved. Flew from Akron Ohio to Orlando, Florida to pick up this amazing looking 05 sss awd with 28k miles for $21,988. Talked to these guys for hours and they have a great looking website and had a 2010 ZR1 and Audi R8 few vipers and so forth. They pick my buddy and I up from the airport in this brand new BMW wine and dine us and we pull into a shack on asphalt and all cars had an issue some where, but the truck looked great. just like the pics! Exhaust wasn;t correct, but oh well right?


Started looking truck over and saw:

  • leaking oil like hole in pan( "it doesnt leak any fluids, we dont handle vehicles like that")
  • o2 sensors gone (pulled bulb out of check engine light, so it wasnt on and I have to pass emissions and they check for it)
  • Exhaust looked like helen keller welded it up
  • Antifreeze leaking
  • interior busted up ("we sell 200k dollar cars, this truck would not be on our lot if it wasnt nice")= crock
  • 28k miles with 7 hours? Def pulled cluster to pull bulb
  • Smelled like smoke(according to the it definitely did not)
  • Firewall painted black with every bolt wrenched on
  • Trans painted black
  • Zip tied together under the hood
  • Obviously intake was off, valley cover and valve covers were painted red, knew before I flew down, but they would never tell me why.

Completely misleading crooks, spent $400 on 2 plane tickets. $115 for hotel, and stuck in Florida. I spent hours on phone getting exact details on this truck before I wasted my time flying down. I've been in the car business and I know how it goes, I'm not a sucker, which it may sounds like lol. But with their persuasive lies and good appearance website and cars they had listed, it was convincing. They lied their asses off and when I got shitty about it they said well we arent mechanics how would we know. My sister knows when her car is leaking oil, or its not running right, and so on. These guys got me down their and tried to screw me. BEWARE. NOT BAD TALKING, EVEN THOUGH I SHOULD BE, BUT WANTED TO GIVE FAIR WARNING SO NO ONE GETS SCREWED. Then the truth comes out the guy had a built motor in it and someone threw a hacked together motor in it to sell it.



My buddy gets on his blueberry, and finds this 05 silver birch awd leather, not many details, but real close to our hotel, so we got a cab in the morning and went and looked at it after the other guys wasted our whole day. Beautiful mint truck with 35.5k miles, priced at $21,291. We drive it, runs and looks excellent, extremely clean.got it for fair trade in. This truck does not have xm radio, on star, digital climate control, sunroof, steering wheel controls etc. It does have heated leather seats and of course bose system and factory chrome 20's. It also has tow/haul, trans gauge, and trans cooler, but no hitch.



Is this a special ordered truck that the guy wanted no frills sport truck, besides leather or what? Any ideas?







Link for truck I flew down for: The Auto Source Inc in maitland florida, please be advised I would not sell this truck to my worst enemy, its that bad. Looks great though lol




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That sucks man! I would defiantly have bitch about it don't feel bad. I don't have sun roof or digital climate controls. I do have on star and XM and steering controls but I still paid 20,000 for a 2004 with 37,000 miles with a supposedly 2 year 100,000 mile warranty that they are dicking around on. Did you get a warranty?

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It's only 60 day, but it has like a paint leather abd fiber protection plan. They told me it was a certified chevrolet, the salesman meant its certified by autonation, didn't tell me after I bought the truck. I had a horrible experience with everything, but I finally got an awd drive ss with low miles thats very clean.

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Man, good on you for walking away from that deal. Im sure you had that sick feeling in your stomach getting yourhopes up like that, then coming to find out the truck is a pile, and the guys lied!!!! I flew down from alaska to Minnesota to buy my SS also. So i was also worried, if what the kid was saying was true, luckily for me, my truck was clean ( with some minor issues also of course ) It made a 4k mile drive home in 4-5 days and didnt miss a beat, so it passed the reliability test if you ask me lol.



Anywho, glad you got a truck you liked man.... post some pics like everyone mentioned.


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