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Bad U-Joint Rattle, But Joints Are Good

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On my way home from work today going like like 70sh on 287 and there was traffic ahead, I slowed down normally, nothing crazy. When I go to like 30-20mph I heard a light clunking under the truck? I had the windows rolled up, so I was thinking (hoping) it was just the tractor trailer next to me, his trailer brakes. when I took back off I heard it again. When I got home I blocked the front tire and crawled under to check the U joints, they are fine (front and rear). I rotated the driveshaft and there was some play in the rear, maybe like 1/8 of a turn, when I put the truck from R (reverse) to D (drive) you can hear that "clunk". I been working 7 days a week 10 hour days so I need the truck to get to and from, but I got the wifes car if the truck goes down. Is there something else I can check? Thanks Sss members.


Greenwich, CT

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