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Double Din Bluray?


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I want a double din deck, but I DVD does me no good.


I have about 95 Blu Ray Movies, but ZERO dvds. Does anyone know of any company that is going to start making blu ray double dins? I really don't want to have to put a fat PS3 in the center console or something...


I found one when I google searched, but it looked really lame... I really like the Pioneer and Alpine current double dins, but like I said I need Bluray, not because of HD, solely because it is all I have.




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I totally understand where you're coming from, I was looking for a Blu-ray double as well. What I ended up doing is just buying a Video ipod compatible unit so that I can just copy my "DIGITAL COPIES" ,that come with my blu-rays, onto my 160Gb IPOD. I went with a Kenwood model with GPS, and I love it. Although there are some Pioneer units that are compatible with IPHONEs.... Wish mine was, I would love to get Pandora thru it or even YouTube... but thats my 2 cents.

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